You can invest in the Bretton Fund by filling out an account application (pdf) and mailing it (sorry, no online account creation yet) along with your investment to our shareholder services operations, run by Mutual Shareholder Services. You can also open an individual retirement account, IRA (pdf), as well as transfer or rollover (pdf) your existing IRA.

Bretton Fund
c/o Mutual Shareholder Services
8000 Town Centre Drive, Suite 400
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

The minimum amount for a new account is $5,000 for regular accounts, and the minimum is $1,000 for IRAs or accounts with automatic investing plans. Given our strategy, the Bretton Fund is only suitable for long-term investments, which we define as at least three years and ideally five. For questions about opening account, call our shareholder services operations at 800.231.2901.

If you already have an account, you can view your balance online:

To request printed materials be mailed to you, send us an e-mail at and include your mailing address (note if you’d like IRA information as well).

The Bretton Fund is also available through some financial advisers and online brokerages. You can search for us on brokerage platforms using our ticker BRTNX or asking your brokerage. If you want the Bretton Fund added to your platform, contact us. We’re currently on the following platforms: